Community Art Makes a Difference in Greensboro: Part 2

This is the second installment of a three-part story exploring different ways art is being used to inspire social change in Greensboro.  If you haven’t yet, scroll down to see Part 1, and look out for Part 3, which will be posted tomorrow.

Ali Krantzler, Staff Writer

Photo Credit: Laura Burt

Part 2: Lindsey Street Mural Represents a Healthy Greensboro

In 2010 Kat Siladi and Alyzza Callahan graduated from Guilford College on the verge of achieving a long-standing shared dream: to paint a mural in downtown Greensboro.

The two then-seniors applied for — and were awarded — a grant from Guilford’s Center for Principled Problem Solving which enabled them to begin their work.

Callahan and Siladi’s next step was to poll over 300 residents of Greensboro, asking them “What would make Greensboro a healthier city?” The answers to that question are represented in the final image that they created.

Changing an unused wall into something that is cared for has been meaningful to the Greensboro community. “Now there is something beautiful, its become part of the community, and it is doing something to create a sense of pride,” said Siladi.

Callahan explained how people in the community would continually stop by and offer to help paint and volunteer.

“It was really amazing, just the public spectacle and process of painting a mural … you kind of can’t ignore it,” said Callahan.

The wall was not the only thing transformed in the process.

This project has kind of changed my approach on how I view social change. I don’t think I ever thought of art as a way to pursue social change and this project has completely and totally turned my perspective around, 100 percent,” said Siladi.

Photo Credit: Laura Burt
Photo Credit: Laura Burt
Photo Credit: Laura Burt


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