Community Art Makes a Difference in Greensboro: Part 3

This is the final installment of our three-part story exploring a few of the myriad ways art is being used to inspire social change in Greensboro.  If you haven’t yet, scroll down to see Part 1 and Part 2

Ali Krantzler, Staff Writer

Part 3: Center for Principled Problem Solving encourages a more comfortable living space through art

Students on Guilford campus are attempting to improve the quality of life through art. In the fall of 2011, junior Madison Hertzel, a scholar for the Center for Principled Problem Solving, created a contest to beautify Binford Hall.

Madison described the project in her own words in an email interview:

The idea for this project arose out of concern for freshmen retention rates. In my experience as a first-year, and in talking to others who live/lived in the freshman dorms, there seems to be a general agreement that the dorms are not very attractive or visually welcoming. I interviewed Justin Shreeve, a former student and current Hall Director, who agreed that this was an issue and said that many students who drop out or transfer list dissatisfaction with the dorms as a factor in their decision to leave. I am very interested in the effect that aesthetics have on the character of a space, and believe that the way an environment looks and feels can have a large impact on those who inhabit it. My hope in this project was to make the communal space of a freshman dorm more attractive and create a more positive feel. The idea was that it would encourage people to spend more time in the lounges, and help create a tighter and more healthy community. Working with the Center for Principled Problem Solving, I held a contest for student art that somehow addressed the question, “Why are you at Guilford?”. I was looking for artwork that told a story, or shared some piece of the artist’s experience at Guilford. Content was very important in my decisions, more so than technical skill or artistic experience. I wanted the artwork to reflect a range of perspectives. In the end I selected three pieces of artwork in different mediums to be displayed in the Binford community space.

Photo Credit: Laura Burt

Kim Yarbary, Project and Communication Manager for CPPS, explained how the Binford project is one of three  art projects which were sponsored by The Center for Principled Problem Solving. The second project, “celebrates folks on campus who do service and care for community,” said Yarbray. It is featured in the academic building King Hall.  The third project is the mural on Lindsay Street.

 Yarbray expressed her wish to “see more students have dreams and know the Center can support them in the way that they want to address issues in the world.” 


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