Greensboro locals create a national stir

Amanda Dahill-Moore, Editor

Less than a week after the first screening of “Let’s Lose Our House: A Modern Foreclosure Tale,” at The Caroline Theatre in downtown Greensboro, the story was picked up by msnbc’s “The Rachel Maddow Show.”

In a ten minute segment, Maddow uses the foreclosure crisis in Greensboro as a jumping-off point to discuss this nationwide epidemic, and, more importantly, what people are doing about it.

Jeff Thigpen, Greensboro Registrar of Deeds, has filed civil lawsuits against Bank of America and Wells Fargo, while Occupy Greensboro is actively training volunteers to find instances of bank fraud in local foreclosures.

“The hard work of these individuals is paying off, evident in the fact that our small town has been featured as an example of effective activism on national television,” said local Rodger French.

Watch the video here:                                                                                           Greensboro featured on the Rachel Maddow Show. 

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