Political Diversity at Guilford: Alive and Well

By Abe Kenmore

At Guilford, diversity of race, religion and sexuality are all discussed frequently. Rarely, however, is the topic of political diversity raised. Does Guilford — a college that tends to emphasize the “liberal” in liberal arts — actually have many different political views?

According to many Guilford students, the answer is yes. Continue reading “Political Diversity at Guilford: Alive and Well”

Local Nonprofit Sanctuary House Enriches Lives

By Rebecca Dou

From the street corner, it looks like a regular house, but Sanctuary House offers much more than what its looks suggest. It gives people with mental illnesses a place to go to for support and rehabilitation.

Located in Greensboro, Sanctuary House has been providing services to the community for 12 years.  Continue reading “Local Nonprofit Sanctuary House Enriches Lives”

“Frozen” Marks Improvement In Feminism, Accuracy In Cultural Representation

By Olivia Neal and Kinsey Danzis

Why has everyone been obsessing over Disney’s “Frozen” lately? Well, some movies are worth melting for.

Disney’s latest and greatest animated film brings together strong female characters, accurate cultural portrayal and talking snowmen. What more could a viewer ask for? Continue reading ““Frozen” Marks Improvement In Feminism, Accuracy In Cultural Representation”