Right vs wrong? A Look Into Police Brutality

By Allison Stalberg

Everyone has seen it in the news or on television: a cop pushing someone to the ground, throwing tear gas into crowds of protesters.  There are many instances of police encounters that make us think, “Was that the right thing for the officer to do?”

“There were about four police officers trying to arrest one guy. We were having a lot of difficulty,” said Ron Stowe, Director of Public Safety. “We were trying to arrest without him getting hurt or without us getting hurt ourselves. Continue reading “Right vs wrong? A Look Into Police Brutality”

Misconceptions and Violence Prevention: Use of Force in The U.S. Justice System

By Nellie Vinograd

We hear about the police constantly. We watch them in procedural crime shows and on grainy car-cam footage. We hear about them saving lives and ending them.

Recent events locally and in New Mexico have brought police brutality to the forefront of our minds. But the issue may not be as clear-cut or as rampant as we may think. Continue reading “Misconceptions and Violence Prevention: Use of Force in The U.S. Justice System”

Gaycation? I Don’t Think So

By Maile Munro


We are constantly bombarded with other people’s voices. From billboards that tell us what to buy to the opinion editors who tell us what to think, we are hearing others’ voices all the time. But whose voice is heard the loudest?

Dave Elliot, a TV-newscaster in Mississippi, has been getting a lot of attention for a Facebook post he made on March 27. Continue reading “Gaycation? I Don’t Think So”

Screw The Mexicans: North Carolina’s New Voter ID Law

By Nicole Zelniker

Disclaimer: This story is a part of our April Fool’s edition, The Goofordian. This story was created by Guilfordian staff and is not based in fact.


Guilford College students rejoice now that the North Carolina government has finally decided to tell the truth.

On April 1, lawmakers changed the name of North Carolina’s voter ID law to “Screw the Mexicans.” Continue reading “Screw The Mexicans: North Carolina’s New Voter ID Law”