Salary Inequity

Beatriz Caldez & Matthew Jones, Staff Writers
April 17, 2015

Guilford College is currently addressing a $2 million deficit for this year and the prospect of an additional $2 million deficit for 2015-16. Positions have already been cut, and in the coming weeks President Jane Fernandes will propose further cuts in order to balance the budget.

At the same time, another issue has emerged: salary inequity. Guilford has a well-documented history of underpaying faculty and staff relative to peer institutions while paying administrators’ salaries at or above average.

When it came to light that executive pay rose again last year, members of the community expressed outrage. Now, the community is working to figure out how to prevent this from happening again.

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NC State frat encouraged discrimination

Zachary Lindsey, Staff Writer
April 10, 2015

The Tau chapter of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity at N.C. State University is officially disbanded.

The fraternity was suspended because of a pledge book that was found at a Raleigh restaurant which contained racially and sexually offensive comments.

The members of Pi Kappa Phi were told to immediately vacate the fraternity house.

“The fraternity can apply to return to campus with new membership in 2018,” said writer B.J. Drye in an article for the Stanly News & Press.

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Chris Hedges speaks on rebellion, violence

Sommer Fanney, Staff Writer
April 10, 2015

War journalist, Pulitzer Prize winner and author of multiple books Chris Hedges had been invited to speak at the University of Pennsylvania at a peace conference on April 3. That is until one particular article of his was published on Truthdig, a long journalism news site.

According to an email from a member of Pennsylvania’s International Affairs Association student group, the invitation was revoked because he would not “be suitable as a coexistence speaker based on this stance he’s taken.”

“He had written a column that compared Israel to ISIS,” said CCE junior and peace and conflicts studies major Michelle Harris. “Criticism of Israel is equated with anti-Semitism.”

In a later article, Hedges responded to his revoked invitation.

“The charge of (University of Pennsylvania student Zachary Belnavis) and the International Affairs Association that I do not believe in coexistence between the Palestinians and Israel is false,” wrote Hedges. “I oppose violence by either party.”

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The future of CCE: How Budget Cuts may affect the program

Lily Lou, Staff Writer
April 10, 2015

“Guilford is treating (CCE students) like second- class citizens,” said CCE sophomore Jeffrey Ray at the event, “Help Save Your CCE Program,” organized by the CCE Student Government Association.

The event began after rumors of Guilford College ending its CCE program emerged.

“We have become targets to stop the bleeding on campus,” said Ray in The Buzz. “We are now painted with a red bullseye target to show our removal in order for the college to move forward with the $2 million deficit.”

At the event, enraged CCE students spoke out in hopes of protecting the CCE program, which many adults who seek an education depend on.

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Students use spring break to volunteer, learn about race issues

Aubrey King, Staff Writer
April 3, 2015

There is no happiness like spring break. A week of no classes and homework comes as a relief to almost anyone.

Spring break is an opportunity to have fun, but at Guilford College it is also a chance to learn and explore.

Over this year’s spring break, Guilford students pursued a variety of opportunities. From building houses to conferences on peace and privilege, students found no shortage of wholesome ways to spend a week off.

One of the trips, a work trip to Hertford, North Carolina, taught Guilford students practical skills and life lessons by putting them to work building houses with other volunteers.

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Banquet celebrates black excellence

Annie Fullwood, Staff Writer
April 3, 2015

“All black lives matter because excellence manifests itself within individuals whether or not we agree on it,” said student speaker junior Teresa Bedzigui at the Journeys in Blackness event. “Our journey is far from over.

“Many of us are tired of fighting for our lives, but it is this journey, this process of always becoming, that makes us excellent. We are excellent.”

On March 28, Guilford College faculty, retired professors, students and alumni attended the Journeys into Blackness Banquet to celebrate black excellence.

“This is the third annual banquet,” said Director for Multicultural Education and banquet planner Jada Drew. “The Journeys in Blackness theme has been going on for a few decades here to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Black History Month. Now we have the Journeys into Blackness banquet to celebrate not only black excellence, and student and faculty achievement, but also honoring the firsts.”

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