Greensboro Clean Slate Clinics help to expunge criminal records

Clare Forrister, Staff Writer
March 27, 2015

For people convicted of crimes, judicial punishment may seem like the worst of their troubles. However, even after serving time, people with past convictions can face discrimination for the rest of their lives, whether applying for jobs or looking for a place to live.

“It’s easy to say ‘this person is a criminal’ because they’ve done this one thing, when you don’t know the specifics of the law or what the circumstances were,” said senior Chelsea Yarborough. “It’s important to be a little bit more forgiving.”

Lately, some in the Greensboro community are bringing attention to the difficulties people with criminal backgrounds face when they try to reintegrate into society. To address this problem, the Beloved Community Center has partnered with the Southern Coalition for Social Justice to hold Clean Slate Clinics, which help people move on from the marks on their record.

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