Sexual assault and campus justice

Nicholas Carratu, Staff Writer

November 13, 2015

This article is the last part of a series highlighting Guilford College’s sexual assault policies.

Restorative justice has several elements that distinguish it from the traditional criminal justice system. Central to its philosophy is the involvement of all parties who have been affected rather than just the accused. When discussing the harm that has been done, restorative justice creates an opportunity for healing and repairing relationships, rather than isolating and vilifying those who have been accused of creating harm.

“This process can be applied to the college community in a number of ways to repair fractured relationships and build trust,” said Assistant Professor of Justice and Policy Studies Krista Craven. “However, when it comes to dealing with sexual violence, the safety and well-being of victims should be the priority. I believe they should not have to face their offenders in restorative processes or on campus in general.”

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