Anyone can slay on this show’s runway

Anyone can slay on this show’s runway

Paige Nehls, Staff Writer

March 25, 2016

“I can be a model,” said first-year Terry Daniels. “What’s holding me back? I can be fierce like them. I can be Tyra Banks.” Continue reading “Anyone can slay on this show’s runway”

MED’s open mic night kick starts Black History Month

MED’s open mic night kick starts Black History Month

Harris Billings, Staff Writer

February 12, 2016

As the room filled with clapping and people singing “Jesus is a biscuit, let him sop you up,” I knew I was in for a great night. Continue reading “MED’s open mic night kick starts Black History Month”

Leadership conference draws Latino students

Aubrey King, Features Editor

November 13, 2015

The move from high school to college is stressful for any student. For Latino students, college can seem even more out of reach.

According to reports by Excelencia in Eduction, nine percent fewer Latino students graduate college than regular students. Half the battle is information, and Guilford College hoped to help students fight that battle last weekend with the Soy Un Lider conference.

Soy Un Lider brought hundreds of Latino high school students to Guilford Nov. 7 for a day of college information and advice. The conference covered financial aid, how to pick a college and advice on filling out applications.

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Homicide rates rise for trans women

Harris Billings, Staff Writer

October 30, 2015

On Oct. 15, transgender woman Zella Ziona was shot and killed in Montgomery Village, Maryland.

Since the start of 2015, 21 transgender women have been the victims of homicide. This is already significantly more than last year’s 14 homicides.

“People don’t just end up dead,” said LGTBQQA Coordinator Parker Hurley. “Even though there is an increased visibility within mainstream media of trans women, that visibility has not been met with change in policy or increase access to education, housing and healthcare. We have not made it more possible for trans women to survive.”

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Guilfordians continuing to change community, world

José Oliva, Staff Writer

October 2, 2015

According to “Funders and Founders,” we each meet about 800,000 people during an average lifetime of 78.3 years.

From that large number, only a small group will impact our lives. They will change the way we see the world and our role in it.

In my personal experience, that small group has consisted of Guilfordians. They are students, staff, faculty and alumni from Guilford College who have a passion for changing the world.

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Protector of campus values: Multicultural Education

Caleb Amstutz, Staff Writer

September 25, 2015

Every day, students pass the core value flags that line the brick walkway to Founders Hall.  While the terms the flags carry may appear abstract to some, the Multicultural Education Department is here to weave these values into the community. Nestled within the Academic Affairs wing in King Hall, this department stands as a guardian of social equality and justice here on campus.

MED’s mission is to support the educational, spiritual, cultural, physical and emotional development of students of color and LGBTQIA students in order to promote their retention and graduation, according to their page on the Guilford website.

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